High quality wreaths, handcrafted by Lauri (Chew) Phillips, for every occasion!

My "day job" as a pediatric nurse fills my need to serve and help others.  I needed to find something productive and creative to do with my down-time. Then I stumbled upon Pinterest.  Wreath-making is simple enough, right?  Well, it was a lot harder than I imagined!  But I loved every minute of it!  My first couple of wreaths were completely stripped down (numerous times) after thinking they were "finished" ...because I knew I could do better.  After my MANY failed attempts, I finally had that one wreath that I didn't feel the need to take apart.   I wanted to keep making more.  Now, my problem was what to do with them.   I can't possibly keep all of them...right? So, that's why I turned to Etsy.  I can continue enjoying my free time doing something I really enjoy and share my projects with people across the country.  Who knows how well my shop will do, but I'm enjoying every moment while they last.

I hope you love my wreaths as much as I love creating them!

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